Final Project

For my final project we created an alien game with a simulation where you shoot a capsule to try to get back to your mother ship. You get 10 tries and if you don’t make it, then you go to an interactive fiction to try and destroy Earth.

Link to the game.

You have to take Earth gravity into account, so you can’t shoot it straight at the ship.






Once you hit the ship you win.


Guest Speaker: Bret Victor

I thought that Bret Victor had made a lot of cool things, for example the tree that can be manipulated interactively instead of just changing numbers. I really like his idea of making things interactive which could be the future of education. Thank you for being our guest speaker Bret!





We worked on making circuits connected to an Arduino so we would understand more about computers. We had to download software and then upload it to the Arduino to make it run, as well as having the correct wiring.



For this assignment we are redrawing an image by taking the location of a pixel, and its color and then putting an ellipse with the same color but a different size in its position.

This is an example of a redrawn image close to the original in terms of quality (ellipse size).


The runtime of creating the above picture is much slower than the runtime of the below picture.



However, the quality of this picture is much worse as you can see.

Bouncing Balls

Link to the page here.

For this assignment we created a ball class to make 4 balls bounce around the screen, and one that would start moving once you clicked the screen. Each ball is unique as they move at different speeds, are different colors, and go in different directions.

Bouncing Balls

Final Project Proposal

The prototype would be a physics simulator where the player would control a car going through different kinds of landscapes, like sand, a swamp, mountains, roads,  water, and different kinds of weather. This would teach people how to drive a car in different areas as well as different conditions. This will teach them the physics of driving really fast around a corner, or going up a sand dune.


This prototype could fit in the Exploratorium because it would be a realistic game that uses physics to show how the cars would drive in different scenarios.

There are existing games like this Dune Buggy and there a tons of racing games, but most of them don’t incorporate real world physics into places other than highways.


World Map

Link to the map.

For this assignment, we had to plot the locations of where everyone in our class was from. We had to do this by creating a class to describe each of the cities so we could manipulate them at a later time.


Final Project Choices

Game Design: I want to work on game design because games are really interesting to me and I would like to work on building one. Also programming a simple game would teach me a lot more about programming collisions, movement, and learning more about game design sounds fun.

Physics: I want to work on physics because it seems fun to program things to work like they do in the real world, for example what happens when things are thrown or hit other things.

Game AI: Game AI seems interesting because programming the computer to play against a human in a simple game  would be really cool and also interesting to see if the computer can do better than the person playing against them.

Selection Sort

Here is the link to the array being sorted: however it might not work in Chrome, so if that happens, use Firefox.

I created a selection sort that takes a random array of integers and sorts them by selecting the smallest one and moving it to the front. The runtime of this sort is n^2.

This is a snapshot of the array (shown by rectangles) before being sorted,



and this is the array after it is sorted.


Stone Librande Lecture


Stone Librande is a game designer who has worked on Spore, Diablo 3, Sim City, and other video games. I thought it was really interesting to learn what he did when designing games and I learned more about the designing process. What I thought was especially interesting was that he would create mini board games for inspiration. Also, the design forms he made were really detailed and awesome to look at. Thank you for showing us more about game design.